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Niiice. Poor fox...

-You make lemonade without lemons... -Yeeaah (that face made my day)

Very cool plot and animation. :D

I kind of like it... ...but i would like to see more. It keeps too much short for me.

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Hahaahhaha naughty tricks. Love it!

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The start looks aaawesome for me. In the middle part, in my opinion, I miss some bass and strong sounds.
But, must say that in the second listening I can imagine a kid fighting with a katana to some bad thugs and then a poor boat versus a powerful majestic seacreature that splits fire.

...if you mean that.

lemon42 responds:

Hey thanks for reviewing! There's actually bass in there, probably should have emphasized it a bit more! In any case, glad you liked it :D

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I can't post the song in my head reading this so... I'll share your work without wasting time!

Keep up ..!

Cool stuff. Deadpool and selfies are a great combination. Some blood on the background would be AWESOME. Like it!!

PKShayde responds:

Dayum that's actually a great idea thanks and glad you like it.

I think that I already say this.., but i must repeat again:

<<It's awesome how you make those shapes and colours work together. It´s such a great personal style out there>>.

By the way... How much time do you spend in each picture? and also What is your process? (you make a sketch for the figure, or maybe just start with the background shapes).

Nice work!!

callmedoc responds:

I thank you most kindly. While time holds no true factor, this particular work as most others took me less than an hour to work upon. There is no true certain process other than it all begins with a single mask. The forms and rest branch from there. If there is a mentioning of a particular song from a musician listed as inspiring, it is the only song I will subject myself to during the creation period.


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